Men’s Jewellery – Brightness, Elegance and Power to Match Your Personality

Mans necklaceThe Men’s jewellery industry is not as developed or as popular as the industry that aims at manufacturing jewellery for women. Jewellery is mainly considered a feminine embellishment, and this could be the reason why some men avoid wearing very ostentatious or eye-catching jewellery. However, men have been wearing accessories since ancient times, for various reasons, including the desire to display their social status, marital status, or for other cultural related reasons.

Jewellery was initially the symbol of royalty or aristocracy, but in modern times, things have changed: now, men choose to wear different kinds of jewellery, regardless of their social status. As this change occurred, many designers and manufacturers that create men’s jewellery appeared, and the jewellery market flourished. Men’s jewellery has become more accessible and more affordable than before. There are numerous models and types of jewellery available on the market, meant to satisfy the most different tastes.

Reasons why men have worn and wear jewellery 

1. A sign of social status

In ancient times, emperors, kings or pharaohs wore the most astonishing jewelleries that were a sign of their social and divine status. The crown and rings of a king were a symbol of royalty and imposed respect to the citizens. The jewellery worn by leaders was made of precious metals and had precious stones encrusted, a sign of wealth that not many other people had access to.

Even in our days, men’s jewellery is still worn with the purpose of signalising social status. The economic and social level of an individual can be rapidly read through its jewellery.

However, in modern times, fake jewellery started to make its way on the market, and many jewellery models available today do not use the same expensive metals or precious stones that were used in ancient times.

Nowadays, aesthetics prevail over preciousness and price, so many persons prefer affordable and eye catching jewellery to precious and expensive accessories. From this perspective, jewellery is less a sign of social status today than it was centuries ago.

2. Marital status

In many cultures, a ring worn on the ring finger of the left hand is a sign of a person’s marital status. Married men and women exchange rings in the matrimonial ceremony and continue to wear them as a sign of fulfilled love and, sometimes, of unavailability. This tradition is being kept even today, so many men wear engagement or wedding rings on their left hand.

The wedding rings are made of precious metals like gold or platinum, and carving the name of the spouse or a love vow on the inside of the ring is not an uncommon practice.

3. Aesthetic reasons

Just like women use jewellery in order to enhance their beauty, men’s jewellery has the same aesthetic purpose. A shiny accessory can draw attention and give a finished touch to an outfit.

4. Social group membership

Men’s jewellery can also be a sign of group membership. American rappers wear magnetizing jewellery (their “bling”). Club members or unlawful gang members use jewellery to identify themselves as members of the group.

5. Mystic or religious reasons

The amulet or talisman that brings luck and protects its owner is not unusual, even in our days. There is also the Christian cross, worn by the members of this religious community to protect themselves from sin and evil. Different cultures have their specific amulets meant to chase evil spirits away.

Men’s jewellery today – trends

The reasons why men wear jewellery have changed in time, and so have the trends. If, before, gold was the only metal men wore, now silver and other metals, like Zirconium and Titanium, are most popular.

The most popular types of men’s jewellery are bracelets, men’s neckwear, and earrings. Cufflinks and rings are also among the most often bought types of jewellery for men. The models and varieties are numerous, so every man can find the jewellery to suit his needs.

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Men’s earrings

A type of jewellery initially worn only by women, men’s earrings made their way on the jewellery market only recently. For a long time, a popular trend for men used to be wearing only one earring. Today, men that wear earrings in both ears are considered fashionable and stylish. Check out our collection of silver earrings and choose the pair that will attract all eyes on you.

Men’s neckwear

The collection of pendants, chains and lucky charms on the internet was created having the modern man in mind. Beautiful crosses and manly chains make great accessories for every outfit. If you are searching for the jewellery to bring the sparkle to a rather unimpressive outfit, a modern pendant and chain are the best choice.

Men’s cufflinks

Cufflinks are perfect for bringing more elegance and distinctiveness to a suit and shirt. Cufflinks are probably the most appreciated men’s jewellery. Men who wear suits every day have the opportunity to make their outfit unique by wearing impressive cufflinks. Check out our cufflink offer to find the best pair of cufflinks to wear with your new suit.

Men’s wristwear

Our wristwear is the best way to show off your masculinity. You will definitely find the bracelet to match your tastes among the models in our collection. The leather, stainless steel and wood wristwear we offer is perfect for a self-confident, powerful man.

Men’s chains

The chains in our collection are designed especially for men that know what they want. The thick, resistant and fashionable chains in our collection are a great accessory that brings a touch of majesty to an ordinary outfit.

Men’s rings

Every ring in our collection speaks about the assurance and boldness of its owner. Choose from our generous collection the ring that expresses your personality best. We offer steel, zirconia, and silver rings at very affordable prices.

Other types of men’s jewellery is available on online, so go ahead and choose the most appealing piece of jewellery to match your personality.